Does the deposit go towards my photo services?


When can I pay the remaining balance?

The remaining balance must be paid at the time of your appointment via cash, Zelle or cashapp.

What happens if I arrive late to my appointment?

Each client that has booked the Quick shoot package does not have a grace period. Once the client is 15 minutes late, the client will be subjected to paying a $30 late fee and the appointment will be automatically terminated 20 minutes into the appointment

All other packages also does NOT require a grace period, once a client is 30 minutes late, the client will be subjected to paying a $60.00-80.00 late fee after every 30 minutes of being late and, will have the chance of only doing one look. Once your session has reached 35 minutes ; we will not be able to service you, you will need to pay a $100.00 rescheduling fee for the next available date or pay a new deposit. 

What if I don't have any ideas of what to wear and what props to bring?

No worries, You can call or text us and one of our members from our staff will reach out to you within 24hrs to assist with ideas.


Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

All clients MUST cancel/reschedule within 48hrs of their appointment date. (This does not mean that you will receive a refund or be able to transfer your deposit). All clients  MUST pay a new deposit to select a new date. 

Can I be considered for a full refund or have my rescheduling fee waived?

We only issue full refunds and waive rescheduling fees for medical emergencies( with documentation), still birth clients, and or premature labor.

Do we travel to homes?

No. we are not traveling to homes at this time.

I accidently left item(s) at your studio during my photoshoot session.

If any items were left behind, you may call or text to notify us, you will have 3 days to pick up your items. If your items aren't picked up after the 3 day period your items will be discarded as trash.

When will I receive my unedited images?

All unedited images will be received less than 24 hours of your appointment via WhatsApp from a Dropbox link. 


When will I receive my edited images?

All edited images will be received within 10 business days, this does not include weekends or any major holidays.


How do I send my pictures that I have chosen for retouches?

 You will screen shot your best chosen unedited images and send them via whatsapp to (312)971-3582. Please do not exceed the number of images outside of what the package already includes. Ex. (If the premium package includes 2 edits please only send 2 unedited images.)

I have texted/called, why haven't I received a response?

Please be mindful that we experience a high call volume daily of over 200 messages, we work diligently to answer each message within a 24-hour time frame. If you still haven't received a response, please text or call again to ensure your message has been delivered.

How can I be selected for a paid photo or video shoot?

All potential models must comment interested under the post that was created. Clients will then select the model(s) based of of their Instagram portfolio. (your account must be public to be selected)

Do you travel out of state to do photoshoots?

Yes, Any client looking to book a photoshoot out of state must require within, separate traveling  charges may apply.

How do I notify you of which image sizes I would like for my prints.

Once your unedited images has been returned to you, please send your images with each size next to them to (312)971-4582, (image sizes are 20x30 (poster), 8x10,and 5x7. *This only applies if your package offers prints*

How long does it take to for my prints to be returned to me?

All prints will be returned to our studio office within 7 days of your edits being returned @ 3404 w.79th street. You will be notified via text once they are ready for pick up.

Do you have a waitlist?

Unfortunately, due to our frequently high request volume, we no longer offer a waitlist.

Can I purchase add-ons the day of my  appointment 

No. Unfortunately, additional add-ons can only be added when you select and make a payment for your preferred package.

Can I switch my original package for a sales package?

No, all sales are final and cannot be rescheduled or swapped for a different packages. No refunds will be issued if you have purchased a sale package.



How long do I have to reschedule my sale package?

You will have 3 months to reschedule a sale package if approved by our company, After 3 months all clients are responsible for paying the original price to book appointments.

What happens If do not confirm my appointment within 24 hours of my photo session?

If your appointment is not confirmed within 24 hours of your photo session we will have the right to cancel the appointment and the client will need to reschedule for a new appointment.